Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lamb Shank Pie

I made this on Australia Day and haven't posted it because I'm lazy really!  I've attempted to post it a few times by searching for the recipe online (its a Jamie Oliver) and just cutting and pasting it into the blog.  The recipe is quite long and I can't be bothered retyping it you see.  But I've discovered that if you post any of Jamie Olivers recipes online you will shortly receive an email from his solicitors advising you to remove the recipe or face legal action!  Yikes!

So basically - if you want the recipe for this - shoot me an email or drop a comment at the bottom of this post and I'll scan it into a computer and email it to you.

Although the recipe is long to type - its not hard to make.  We loved it and felt very aussie having it on Australia Day.  It was also my first attempt at a pie of any sort - I've never used much pastry except for puff.  And it worked a treat.  Did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Slow cooked lamb shank pie is a winner!