Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chilli Con Carne

I've posted a Chilli Con Carne once before but this one is quite different.  I don't mind trying new things so I decided to give Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food Chilli a go.  Its really good!  And it's so much better for you because it's packed with veg and uses less mince than I use in my original chilli.  So these days I'm a "veggies in my chilli" kind of girl!  The only chnage I made is that I added a lot more spices because I really love a lot of flavour.  The below recipe is what I did...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sticky Date, Hazelnut & Maple Slice

I have not blogged for over three months!!!  I have missed it so much.  My computer got a virus in early May, then we sold our unit and bought a beautiful big house in the hills - so the packing began.  The computer was thrown away and a new one was purchased but there was no point setting it up only to pack it up again for the big move.  We have been in the new house for 11 days and we are so happy. 

We've gone from a 2 bedroom upstairs unit to a four bedroom home with two bathrooms, a heated pool, a spa, a billiard room with open fire and a huge darkwood bar!  The custom made pool table gets delivered in 2 days and the dart board has gone up.  This house was built for entertaining! But my favourite part is the laundry room, the spice cupboard that I have alphabetised, the gas cookers, the double sink and the DISHWASHER!!  I am in heaven.  I honestly pinch myself every morning when I wake up.  I cannot see myself getting sick of this place. Ever!

And so back to the blogging which I have been pining for!  I baked this slice months ago and kept the photos, eagerly waiting to have my new computer set up so I can post them.  This slice was fantastic!!!  It was a real pleasure to make and with every ingredient I added I could tell it was going to be divine. 

My number one critic Richard emailed me the following review and I think he describes the slice perfectly:

Delectable and delicious without being decadent. A masterpiece of cuisine posing as a humble piece of slice. Yum. The human palate can not afford for you to continue to work in an office.
Kindest regards
Richard Hilton

I think this slice looks really impressive and the taste is even better!  Its so good to be back!!