Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malaysia & Thailand

Jared and I just returned from 11 glorious days in Malaysia and Thailand.  It was amazing.  Even more amazing than I expected it to be - and I had pretty high expectations.  We stayed at The Club in Malaysia and at The Katathani in Phuket.  Both were so fancy.  We were waited on hand and foot and it wasnt busy at all so it felt like our own private paradise.  The food was also to die for.  I loved the smells and there was so much choice!  They even offered fabulous western food which I also had my fair share of.  I have come home about 5kg heavier!!!!   Unfortunately, Jared got food poisoning somewhere in Phuket.  We're thinking the muscles he ate on day 2 were the culprit and they kept us in the hotel room for 3 days.  But that is when I discovered room service!!  In the end when I would call for MORE room service, the guy on the end of the phone said "wow - you order more!????"  And they needed to ask me to start putting my used room service trays outside the hotel door so they could collect them.  Obviously they were running out because I had them stacked to the ceiling in our room. 

Here are a few photos of our amazing food experience: